A completely unique product which combines the use of state-of-the-art HW, Kinect and client CRM

We placed a set of adjoining screens connected with Kinect inside a giant upside-down cup. Upon entering the cup, the visitor was immersed in an experience that involved completing a series of tasks using gestures and movements, allowing the visitor to receive instant rewards in the form of scratch cards or vouchers to be redeemed at the café. 


The “Lucky Cup” challenge

Sazka launched a chain of “Lucky Cafés”, where visitors received scratch cards with their coffee. The client wanted to create an entertaining installation that would make visiting the café more fun.

The solution had an easily editable mechanism in which employees could set up the daily rewards based on the café’s current selection.


A fusion of technologies

The “Lucky Cup” product was created by combining the Unity 3D gaming engine, Kinect technology, a special printer and a 2D/QR code reader.

The challenge for us was to manage the complex connections between secure client systems and the equipment inside of the cup. 


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