Radio Free Europe

World news without censorship

We created a news application for Radio Free Europe running on all smart platforms - phones, watches and TVs. 

The biggest challenge that this project posed was setting up communication for the application with the outside world. It had to be secured so that it could not be blocked in any way by governments or any other authorities.

The final censorship bypass solution allows for the distribution of independent news to more than 20 countries around the world.

A very demanding project, one which we are rightly proud of.


Thanks to our app, people in 22 countries around the world have access to uncensored news

Radio Free Europe approached us to complete the development of their mobile news application and to carry out maintenance for the app on all smart platforms-phones, tablets, watches and TVs.

We are also responsible for maintaining local RFE clones, e.g. in Cuba or Afghanistan. We continue to develop new clones and new functionalities as the project goes on.


Multilevel software solution for iOS and Android

Thanks to our precise code, it is now possible to clone and join news branches of Radio Free Europe around the world and extend the app’s functionality.


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