We have created a special application that projects facial expressions onto a 3D model in real time

MocapX lets you take full advantage of iPhone True Depth camera technology by transferring data with 3D facial expressions, captured by iPhone to Maya Autodesk. This allows you to animate faces in real time using only an iPhone camera and MocapX.


Our solution for facial motion capture

The solution consists of two software - a mobile application for iPhone/iPad and a plug-in for Autodesk Maya. The two software communicate with each other when the motion recorded from the device is transmitted to the Maya program and projected onto a 3D model.

We’ve been developing the application independently for 1.5 years, and in the summer of 2019, we launched the app along with our promotional campaign. At the moment, it is being sold to customers all over the world, from America to Asia. It has even sparked the interest of the world's most prestigious animation studios, who are now reaching out to us. 

We are constantly working to improve the application. The latest update allows our customers to use not only the real-time motion capture function but also gives them the ability to capture data offline and process it later. 


Internal project for iOS platform and the latest model of iPhone X

The app utilizes the iPhoneX’s ability to capture depth data from the True Depth Camera. For the Maya plug-in, we created a so-called "Non-Destructive Work Flow", which allows the animator to use camera data without having to manually animate each motion.

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