Mobile application for a manufacturer of luxury leather gloves

Engelmüller is a luxury leather glove manufacturer which needed to create a solution for their customers which would allow them to “try on” the gloves without having to visit the store.

Custom application

We've created a custom mobile app that helps customers choose the right product size. 

We designed a solution that uses augmented reality and allows very precise measurements. 

The application is also connected to the company's online shop, allowing for instant purchases to be made as soon as the user finds out their glove size.


Unlimited potential of augmented reality

Augmented reality is a real image (captured e.g. by a mobile phone camera) enhanced by virtual objects. 

Mobile applications that utilize augmented reality are a unique way to present your products to customers and provide them with a realistic user experience before they purchase your product. 

An AR-based mobile application can measure the dimensions of physical objects (such as the hand) and visualize virtual objects in a real space.


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