Our own platform for sharing 3D models in Augmented Reality

ARSET is a unique mobile application and platform that allows users to upload, save and share 3D models created in almost any 3D software. Once stored in the cloud, the user can view models directly on their device or even in augmented reality using the mobile app on their tablet or mobile phone. 

ARSET is primarily intended for companies with a wide range of products that they wish to present to their customers in a modern and innovative way.


Augmented Reality initially for filmmakers

Post-production company PFX PFX, who are also our long-term partners, needed to develop a tool for visualizing 3D models during film shoots. So we used the technology we developed to create our own product.

ARSET has two applications:

• Client application that allows for the projection of 3D product images into the customer's environment (the most common application in the B2C segment)

• A business application that allows salespeople to better present their product to customers, including measuring the space, choosing product options or product sets, and creating offers or placing orders directly at the point of sale (B2B area).


With the help of ARSET, we can now create applications for the presentation and sale of products

Companies are often discouraged from implementing of the app because their products are not available in 3D, including textures and materials, and they might only have CAD data. Upon request, we can create an entire 3D catalog for your application. We take the CAD data, add textures, materials, lighting and render each product or the entire product line.


Let's join forces to turn technological barriers into your competitive advantage

At the beginning of every successful project is a reliable partner who takes ownership of the task at hand and offers more than just an impressive skill set. This is why we devote maximum effort, know-how and technological expertise to each project. We truly care about the success of your endeavor. We live and breathe the work we do. Your success is our success.


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